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GI Enterprises LLC is a woman and veteran owned business focused on advancing the partnerships of industry, government, and STEM-focused education to develop a stronger workforce of the future.

Workforce development focuses on the people in the organization and developing a human-resources strategy to improving people skills for improved production and efficiency. The leadership’s understanding of the importance of workforce training and educational growth is essential to the morale, retention, and culture of the company. Strategic planning in both the leadership and management levels creates stability and confidence in the business workforce and aides in an employee’s sense of value to the organization.

GI Enterprises Executive Education Consulting and Professional Services assists in identifying and addressing relevant and achievable goals to improving the human-resource culture in an organization through leadership and management training, strategic planning, and in building collaborative partnerships. The time and effort devoted to motivating employees to learn more or enrich their skill knowledge base will increase the overall productivity and positively impact the growth and mission of the company.

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